Once you've verified that your podcast host is compatible with Podtrac Measurement, follow these 4 steps to get up and running:

1. Create a Podtrac account

2. Login to your account and register your podcast with Podtrac by clicking the "Add a Show" button...

and then enter your podcast's RSS feed url in the next screen

3. Add the Podtrac prefix to your show's RSS feed to start measuring your podcast.

For all mp3 episodes, use this prefix:   https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/

The Podtrac Prefix works for virtually any file format. If your episode is not in mp3 format, simply change the extension on the Podtrac Prefix to match your episode (.m4a or .mv4 for example).

4. The next day, login to Podtrac and check your reports.

Podtrac updates its measurement reports nightly based on the previous day's activity.  Totals for a given day are typically available by noon UTC (7:00am EST) the following day. 

Your Podtrac Measurement reports will display data from the time you first begin using the Podtrac prefix in your RSS feed.

Note: If you don't see measurement data you can check your measurement status on the main login dashboard.  Look for a yellow warning triangle and click it for more information on why your show is not measuring.

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